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I like food, walks, cuddles, more food, the seaside, other dogs, food, my frisbee and destroying things. Most of all I love My People and lots of lovely attention. Some say I'm spoiled. I say I get treated as I should be ;) I'm a healthy happy eight year old. The only thing wrong with me (God willing) is epilepsy which costs my owners lots of money and means I have to eat yukky tablets but otherwise seems to bother them more than it bothers me because they remember my fits and I don't. Other than that, I'm a happy lad and I love my people and I'm lucky to live in a place where there are nice walks. I wouldn't want to live in a town.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life In The Old Dog Yet or I Iz Bugger!

Hello everybody

Sorry I haven't written in a while but Mummy has been too busy and tired to help me since she went back to work. My epilepsy hasn't been too bad - I had a couple of small fits last week and made poor Mummy lose a chunk of sleep but other than that (God willing) things have been calm.

I had my annual check up at the vet and I have lost weight and am now a very trim 44kg and looking very good for my age. Mummy had not given me my tablets in case they wanted to do a blood test and we walked all the way there (and got the bus back - woo hoo! I like that!) and I wasn't dragging my feet at all so Mummy says that proves that it is the tablets that make my legs weak (she calls it ataxia), but she calls it a Catch 22 situation because I have to have the tablets. The vet said that my epilepsy is getting worse because the tablets are less effective as my liver gets better at processing them but there's nothing to be done about it as I can't take any more without my legs going too wobbly. They are already a little too wobbly and do cause me problems. Mummy says as long as I am happy, that's all that matters and I am quite content with ambling, short walks and a play in the evening. Especialy with my new tennis ball which I get out when Mummy is watching Wimbledon and she says I am being sarcastic!!!

When we got the bus back, the driver said I could come on as long as I behaved and Mummy was quite offended because of course I would behave. He told her some story about a dog that was on the bus and growled at someone and five people complained and now the owner is barred from the buses. Must have been some growl!

The weather has been variable - Mummy says it is Wimbledon weather as it is so showery. This is because she has a new sun chair and she can't sit in it for long because it always rains again. We haven't been having very long walks - Mummy was worried until she remembered that I never do want to go far in the summer. My back legs are getting weaker and I fall over more often these days so Mummy makes me walk a certain distance to keep my legs strong but she also listens to me if I don't want to go too far if it is warm. We will have a long walk one day and then the next one, we won't go far, which is fair.

It is grass seed time of year so every morning, I have to put up with My People going through my feet to check for seeds and I also lick at them a lot which annoys My Auntie very much indeed. I don't really mind them doing my feet as it's attention but a man has to make it seem like he doesn't like allthat fussing, doesn't he! Mummy trimmed the fur between my toes today with scissors without checking first with Auntie so she is hoping that she won't be cross with her as they usually make decisions about me together.

Today, we had a longish walk and I was warm so I snuck into a pond and Mummy was frightened. She thought I wouldn't be able to get out again and was all ready to break her way through the hedge and pull me out, but I refused to even try to get out while she was watching so she had to walk away to get me to move. I got out no problem - there's nothing wrong with my forelegs. Mummy called me a bugger and is a little afraid to tell Auntie what happened in case she goes all disapproving.

We saw my friend Figaro on the way home whio is a little black spiky dog. The lasty time we met up, my Melody was still around and Mummy hadn't had her operation yet so Our People had some catching up to do. Mummy and I then raced the rain home as she had some washing on the line.

Mummy has been doing ok back at work and is nearly well again and is doing more and more. I was quite content when she was at home all the time and we didn't walk far, but it's ok having her back at work, I know the routine. That said, she is off work this week, watching the tennis and shouting "Go on, Roger" and "Oh for God's sake!" when she thinks somebody is using dirty tactics. She will go back to work next week and she says the next time she has time off will be Our Holiday in September when she wants to go back to the Chalet where we went last year. It was 10 minutes walk from the sea but she said it was better for me as caravans have steps I have to jump up and My People would have to lift me if I couldn't jump. I liked the Chalet - it was bigger than a caravan with lots of room for me to spread out and a proper living room. I like Holidays because My Mummy gets a downstairs bed and I climb on it and share it with her and she calls me naughty but cuddles me all the same.

Andy and Emma did come to see us and I gave Max the hard word when we met up over the fields and told him not to come any nonsense and then he was a good boy and didn't growl at me or anything on our walk. He even walked off the lead some of the time and then My Mummy had him on the lead and did some training with him (which I didn't like) and we walked quite far because I forget not to when I'm with another dog. When we got back to our garden, Max got a bit growly but I ignored him until he stopped it as I was tired and couldn't be bothered so he shut up in the end.

My Auntie has started her new Team Leader job and comes home every night all tired and stressed then waits until Mummy wants to get the meal out and starts talking about work and Mummy tries to advise her. Then Auntie will apologise for keeping the meal waiting or talking over a programme and Mummy will say that she is more important than food/meal/whatever which, of course, she is. Auntie has had her hair cut short, which she doesn't like, and has started going to water aerobics with Auntie Geri and coming home late from work, which I don't like so I either give her an extra big cuddle or sulk at her. Mummy had her hair cut the other day too, for the first time in a year. She thought it would have to be short but it is still quite long and now she doesn't have to tie it back all the time. When Auntie's new wages start coming in, My People say we cn have more treats and they can have things like haircuts because we will have some spare money each month. This is the first time in years that things have been like that. It will be nice for me because they will be less stressed then. I like it when My People are happy.

Oh, and Mummy says Eurovision was a stupid result and Denmark should have won because theri song was brilliant.

regards to all,

Bruce xxx


Clazzerati said...

what an adorable dog x

Bruce said...

Bruce thanks you x

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omg so cute *_* your blog is very good and interesting :) im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!